Display11 with
12 x Quick-Action Compasses
Series New Master 2
different motives

Attractive Display with 12 x Quick-Action Compasses, Series New Master, compass with colour motive
new design, very comfortable model, pressure lever mechanism with automatic locking of the spindle and precise setting of centre wheel, 2 knee joints, by attaching adaptor with 4 mm dia. spigot, all commercial technical pens can be used, compass length 165 mm, working range up to 330 mm Ø, with extension bar 570 mm Ø (delivery without extension bar), lead box, in transparent covered box,
Material zink diecasting

Display box, size: 255 x 120 x 310 mm (W x D x H)

2 x 421627 colour blue motive Smileys*
2 x 421628 colour red motive Smileys*
2 x 421625 motive Jelly Beans*
2 x 421634 motive Europe*
2 x 421629 motive flags*
1 x 421633 motive likes*
1 x 421636 motive Colours of Graffiti*

Display11 12-pcs.-set EAN 4011123674104

* (colours are subject to change without notice, updated trend colours please see price list)

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In these assembly instructions we will show you step by step how to assemble an extension bar on a compass:

Suitable extension bar for this compass: Ref. 379200

More technical details can be found in our compass lexicon.

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