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ECOBRA is your supplier for office supplies, school supplies and graphic supplies. Tradition meets modernity, this could be the headline of the ECOBRA philosophy. On the market since 1893, ECOBRA has developed into a brand that stands for quality, continuity and a balanced, multi-layered range of functional “tools” for office supplies, school supplies and graphics supplies.

It is impossible to imagine the European market without ECOBRA. Many of its own developments, such as the quick-setting compass using a pressure lever system and automatic spindle fixation, as well as the zero compass, which is used especially for drawing very small circles (see also patents), are now taken for granted.

Especially in the areas of compasses, cutters, cutting tools and magnets there is a qualified assortment from hobby use to professional use. Safety cutters with automatic blade retraction guarantee safe cutting in the professional and private sector. The Profi Cutting-Mats in various sizes are perfect cutting pads to protect the blades; they are also suitable for machine cutting and are long-lasting. In the “Presentation” range, ECOBRA has a wide selection of magnets, both hard ferrite and neodymium, which are ideal for hobby and professional use thanks to their high adhesive force.

In the office supplies and drawing supplies ECOBRA offers a wide selection of different utensils. From sharpeners to various erasers and fiberglass erasers to fine lead mechanical pencils with anti-break mechanism to writing boards and butlers; at ECOBRA you get everything in top quality. The assortment of office accessories offers you files, folders, view books etc. in different colors and sizes; with the conference folders, ring binders and tablet conference folders you have a wide selection with different functions and sizes. Noble writing instruments, such as fountain pens, ballpoint pens and rollerballs are available in wood (Woodline series) or high-quality metal (Cityline series).

In the field of optics ECOBRA offers a wide range of magnifying glasses, LED reading glasses and linen testers with different magnifications for various applications. Safety glasses and a face shield ensure safe work and protect the eyes.

For all boating schools and navigation dealers, ECOBRA has a wide range of navigation equipment that is a must for sailing students and skippers. Marine compasses, nautical squares and triangles in various designs, a high-quality navigation hand plotter and various training sets and skipper sets complete the range. The skipper navigation folders with tablet compartment are useful and modern at the same time.

For all consumables you also get from ECOBRA the corresponding replacement items. For all cutters, ECOBRA offers the appropriate replacement blades from standard quality to high-professional quality made of carbon steel, for the fine lead pencils various super-hi-polymer fine leads in different diameters and hardnesses and for glass fibre erasers, brass wire erasers and stainless steel wire erasers the corresponding replacement brushes.

ECOBRA has a large selection of sales- promoting displays especially for your store, which present your products to their best advantage. These are available in various combinations and in different designs.

Take a look at our assortment and you will put ECOBRA among your favorites.

The ECOBRA Promise

Our products are subject to strict controls to ensure quality, functionality, and long service life.

ECOBRA Expertise

For over 125 years, Ecobra has reliably demonstrated its expertise with forward-looking in-house product development and acquisitions.

ECOBRA Dealers

Dealers who carry Ecobra products distinguish themselves by offering the best possible quality and value to their customers.

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Dear visitors: we wish to inform you that, as a trusted wholesale supplier, we sell our products only to business customers. This means that it is not possible for non-commercial customers to place orders with us directly. We thank you for your understanding.

Under the menu item Dealers,  you can quickly find an online shop or physical retail store in your area. We appreciate your visit and hope you enjoy our high-quality products.