Ecobra geschichte

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Johann Eichmüller

The ECOBRA Company was established 1893 in Nuremberg by a master craftsman called Johann Eichmüller. In the Middle Ages many compass forges were located in this area.
From then on ECOBRA has been dealing with the construction and manufacturing of compasses both for the educational and the professional sector.

After some years of business very active trade relations started with the USA, where at that time the industrialization set in.
After the company’s founder passed away in 1908 the factory for drafting instruments, which at that time was called “Eichmüller & Co.” , developed to one of the most important business companies of this branch and kept constantly expanding.
In 1922 the company was transformed into a public limited company named “Bayerische Reißzeugfabrik AG” formerly “Eichmüller & Co.”

During the fifties the ECOBRA drafting instruments were exported into more than 60 countries. At the end of 1968 ECOBRA succeeded in constructing a geometry compass with quick-action mechanism, 2 pressure levers and automatic setting of the spindle. Even today this modern type of compass is sold very well.
During the past years a big variety of items has been added to ECOBRA`s product range and ECOBRA has become one of the leading and renowned German manufacturers for retail and wholesale stores at home and abroad covering the product sectors Graphic Arts, Cutting Tools, Stationery Products, Office and Drawing Supplies, Compasses, Presentational Equipment, Optics, Navi­gation, Writing Instruments.

Ecobra`s satisfied clientele derives from selling high quality products right from the beginning and extends from the domestic market over the European market to a multiplicity of overseas countries such as America, Australia, Asia, Africa etc.)

Our team of high motivated staff provides an established know-how, meets almost all customers` requirements exactly and efficiently, even if they send “relicts” of “ancient” times for repair.
This is the clear proof that a solid quality lasts for ever without loosing its value and functioning..