Safety Utility Knife incl. plastic holder
with safety snap-in
aluminium body, trapezoidal blade,
blade auto retractable

Safety Utility Knife made of Aluminium, incl. plastic holder with safety snap-in 
and 2 additional replacement trapezoidal blades

The safety cutter, which sits firmly in its holder on the body and is connected to a flexible and elastic  spiral band – no “lying around and searching”, no “falling down” possible.

Use as safety cutter with automatic blade retraction
The blade extends continuously from the case if the slider on the rear side of the cutter is pushed forward. At releasing the slider, the blade retracts automatically into the case by pull-spring.

Plastic holder with safety snap-in
The cutter has special ribs at the front that snap firmly in the plastic holder. Falling out of the holder is therefore no longer possible. By a clip the holder can quickly and simply be attached to the work clothes or at the belt without opening the belt. A barbed hook prevents slipping the holder off the belt, when the cutter is pulled out of the holder.

Securing by stretchy and flexible spiral band
The approximately 15 cm long spiral band prevents the cutter from falling to the ground. Due to the light aluminum cutter weight of approx. 110 g the spiral band is stretched to about 50 cm when hanging down the cutter and does not reach the bottom. At work, the spiral band is extendible up to max. 90 cm. The spiral band including the cutter can easily be unhooked from the holder.

Easy blade change:
– Press the black button on the top of the cutter front down (open lock) and push the top slider all the way forward.
– Remove the old blade and insert the new one
– Push the slider backwards and push the black button at the top of the cutter back down (secured lock) so that it is horizontal again.

Solid silver metal case, rubberized ergonomic handle suitable for right and left hand use, trapezoidal blade can be used on both sides and easily changed. Incl. 2 additional replacement blades in the blade storage, hanging hole, stretchable and flexible spiral band made of a plastic Spiral, hook closure and ring made of metal, holder made of high quality plastic with clip, on blistercard.

For cuttings on paper, cardboard, fabrics, leather, vinyl, PVC and other similar materials.

L x W x H Cutter 165 x 45 x 19 mm
L x W x H Holder 120 x 55 x 35 mm

This cutter is also suitable for hook blades

Ref. 770555  EAN 4011123661807

Picture 1: (f.l.t.r.) Ring in the hanging hole of the cutter / flexible and elastic spiral band / By means of a hook closure, the spiral band can be easily separated from the holder / Snap-in function fixes the cutter firmly in the holder

Picture 2: (f.l.t.r.) Ribs for the snap-in function / Rubberized ergonomic handle / lightweight and sturdy aluminium housing

Picture 3: (top-down) Clip for easy attachment to belts or working clothes / Barbs prevent the holder from slipping off the belt when pulling out the cutter

Picutre 4: This cutter is also suitable for hook blades

Picture 5: 2 additional trapezoidal replacement blades are located in the blade compartment of the housing

Picture 6: Easy blade change

Picture 7: Thanks to the functional holder with clip for belt or trouser pocket, the cutter is always handy without being disturbing.

Picture 8: Due to the elastic and flexible spiral band, the cutter is always connected to the holder and can neither be misplaced nor fall to the ground. A perfect help for warehouse workers, craftsmen, hobbyists , also ideal for working on ladders.

Picture 9: Even without a holder, the spiral band has a practical function as hand strap. To do this, connect the hook closure at the end of the spiral band with the ring in the hanging hole of the cutter. Thus, bi-manual working is possible without putting the cutter down.


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