Safety Rotary Trimmer DIN A4 +
Laminator 2 in 1
Hot and Cold Laminating

Safety Rotary Trimmer DIN A4 + Laminator 2 in 1
Hot and Cold Laminating for all sizes up to DIN A4 upright format
To protect + refine your documents, business cards, photos, identification cards, menus, letters, vouchers, information boards, certificates et al. The Ecobra rotary trimmer + laminator offers unlimited durability of documents and a top quality appearance. A professional solution for high quality demands.

The ECOBRA 2 in 1 Rotary Trimmer is of best quality and manufacturing. Cuts paper, cardboard, folis/laminating foils, photo papers et al. Includes 3 different blades for straight, perforation and wave cuts. (1 blade stored in the cutting head, 2 blades in the cassette compartment on the side of machine). Cutting mat strip with 4 cutting positions (2 each side) when blade does not cut cleanly, you should either rotate or flip the mat over to new cutting surface.

Safe and easy changing of the different blades by cartridge-system. Place material to be trimmed at the selected position under presser plate. New patented design, very safe system, no blessings.

Technical data:
– sizes A4 upright format
– laminating width: max. 230 mm
– film of utilizable thickness: (microns) 80-125 mic
– heating up time: approx. 3 min.
– also suitable for cold and foto laminating

Cutting height of the rotary trimmer:
straight blade: max. 0.8 mm = 8 sheets of paper (80 g/m²)
perforating blade: max. 0.3 mm = 3 sheets of paper (80 g/m²)
wave blade: max. 0.6 mm = 6 sheets of paper (80 g/m²)
Securely hidden round blade, aluminium cutting base with imprinted cm/inch and DIN formats (A7 to A5), comes with 3 different types of bladese

Dimensions: 400 x 210 x 96 mm
Cutting length: 320 mm (A4 upright and landscape format / A3 only upright format)
Weight: 1.40 kg

Ref. 760010 EAN 4011123627001

Replacement cartridge blades
Ref. 770962 perforating bladeEAN 4011123588203
Ref. 770963 wave blade EAN 4011123588302

Replacement parts
Ref. 770964 cutting-mat strip (w/o. Illustr.) EAN 4011123588401

Laminating Pouches (w/o. Illustr.)
By using laminating pouches your documents become long-living , waterproof, fraud resistant and break-proof. They are protected from dirt, scratches, yellowing. Due to these advantages the laminating pouches are best suited for documents,  business cards, fotos, identity cards, menus, letters, receipts, sign-boards, certificates and others. A professional solution for high-quality demand and appearance.

Material: polyester
Surface: crystal clear
Foil thickness: 2 x 80 microns
for hot laminating

Ref. 610288 for DIN A5 formats size 154 x 216 mm (Packing unit 100 pcs.) EAN 4011123636508
Ref. 610388 for DIN A6 formats size 111 x 154 mm (Packing unit 100 pcs.) EAN 4011123636409

picture 1: laminating
picture 2: rotary trimmer: straight, perforation and wave cuts
picture 3: safe and easy changing of the different blades by cartridge-system
picture 4: heating up time: approx. 3 min. Also suitable for cold and foto laminating
picture 5: included exchangeable blades (cartridge system) stored in the cutting table
Picture 6: exchangeable blades (cartridge system) straight, perforation and wave cutst

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