Creative-/Patchwork Cutting-Mat
slight rotation thanks to
new patented system
color green, 315 x 315 mm, 6-ply

Rotating Creative-/Patchwork Cutting-Mat
with this rotating creative-/patchwork cutting-mat in rectangular shape (315 x 315 mm) it is possible to work in different directions without having to constantly change the body position. The 4 corners of the cutting-mat serve as handles to allow easy 360° rotation in both directions. This slight rotation is additionally supported by a stainless steel ball, which is placed in the turntable. The bottom of the pad is equipped with an anti-slip mat, which prevents slippage or co-rotation.

The turntable made of plastic is located between cutting-mat and bottom and can also be fixed if necessary, so that the cutting-mat does not rotate any more. The cutting-mat with attached turntable can be separated from the base mat, e.g. to clean.

Slight rotation thanks to new patented system

The 360° creative-/patchwork cutting-mat is suitable for a wide range of applications (fixed or rotatable):
– convenient with a roller cutter
– or with a circle cutter
– or for creative design
– Ideal for all-round painting of work pieces, clay work or pottery but also to simplify multiple cuts in different cutting positions

The imprint with special lines makes it easier to work with this cutting-mat, especially when cutting paper:
– Horizontal and vertical lines at a distance of 1 cm, scale 30 x 30 cm
– 2 circle lines at Ø of 15 and 25 cm, 2 semicircle lines at Ø 10 and 20 cm
– Angle lines at 30°, 45° and 60°

All advantages at one glance:
– 6-ply, heavy type
– Self healing surface, cut line closes again and becomes invisible
– Hard core, no cutting through the surface possible
– Elastic surface, protection for your blades

2 sliders for opening and fixing the turntable – new patented system
– All 2 sliders inside – the cutting-mat is easy to rotate, with stainless steel ball in the middle
– All 2 sliders outside – the cutting-mat is fix and no longer rotatable

Cutting-Mat with base mat (cross section), 6-ply:
Cutting-Mat (3-ply, 3.0 mm thickness):
layer 1 = 0.8 mm soft material
layer 2 = 1.1 mm hard material white
layer 3 = 1.1 mm hard material white
In between sunk turntable (Patented turntable)
Base mat (3-ply, 3.0 mm thickness):
layer 1 = 1 mm hard material white
layer 2 = 1 mm hard material black
layer 3 = 1 mm anti-slip mat black

Information: with proper use and storage, no buckling and fractures! Make sure that the cutting- mat is always lying flat and not exposed to the sun or other heat sources!

Ref. 733150 size 315 x 315 mm, color green, 6ply (Scale 30×30 cm) EAN 4011123663504

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