Rotary Compass Cutter
Cuts circles from Ø 3 to 50 cm

Rotary Compass Cutter

No more cutting of circular shapes by hand! With the Ecobra rotary compass cutter there are now no limits to creative modelling.
A unique and excellent tool for model builders, DIY enthusiasts, tailors and dressmakers, and all creative people, be they hobbyists, trainees or professionals, who have had, up till now, no choice but to take the trouble of cutting out circles “freehand”.

Wonderful perfect circles can now be cut in a single continuous stroke. The rotation of the sharp blades ensures you get a precise, clean cut.
The rotating motion also means that you can create circles not only in “free-style” cut, but also in wave or perforation cuts – something that was previously not possible.

Cuts circles from Ø 3 cm to 24 cm (1,18 – 9,45 inch), with extra handle up to Ø 50 cm (19,69 inch) scaling inch und cm. For cutting paper, card, tissue, leather, vinyl, PVC etc. Cutting height max. 3 mm.

– Without strain to the perfect circle – For people who need to cut a lot the ratchet head protects the wrist, which otherwise gets tired very quickly
– The adjustment slider allows circles up to a diameter of 50 cm (19.69 inches)
– Easy-to-change cutting tool for straight cuts, skip cuts, wave cuts, cutting blade and pencil lead for drawing
– On the back of the blister card there is a short instruction manual

2 x rotary blade
1 x skip bade
1 x wave blade
2 x V-blade
2 pencil leads

Ref. 770660 EAN 4011123641304

Blades for Rotary Compass Cutter 770660:   
Ref. 770934  2 Replacement Blades Ø 18 mm, straight blade EAN 4011123641502
Ref. 770935  2 Replacement Blades Ø 18 mm, skip blade EAN 4011123641601
Ref. 770936  2 Replacement Blades Ø 18 mm, wave blade EAN 4011123641700
Ref. 770933  5 Replacement Blades 12 x 20 mm V-blade EAN 4011123641403


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