Laser Pointer 4 in 1
with Telescopic Pointer,
LED light and built-in ball pen

Laser Pointer* 4 in 1 with Telescopic Pointer
During presentation and education the red bright point draws the attention of the audience exactly to the focus. The additional LED-light enables the operator to illuminate his work area in the dark.

Silvery, with Laser & LED light, built-in ball pen with screw cap, highpolished clip. Comes in a case with 3 button cell batteries (G3-A CNB).

– Built-in ball pen, Standard short refill black
– Telescopic Pointer, extendable to 56 cm
– LED light, white
– Laser Pointer*, minimum range approx. 100 m

Ref. 780820 EAN 4011123600707

* Safety requirements comply to laser class 2, power output P < 1 mW, DIN EN 60825-1

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