transparent book repair tape
PP 68 my, width 50 mm x length 20 m
in a black dispenser

transparent book repair tape

The extremely transparent adhesive tape made of PP with a thickness of 68 my is particularly tear-resistant and non-aging. The tape has a very high adhesive strength, especially on paper, cardboard and cardboard. Therefore especially suitable for repairing books or textbooks, exercise books, brochures or magazines.
Rolled on a plastic core Ø 1″, neutral flap, width 50 mm, in a black dispenser, individually shrink-wrapped.

– tear resistant
– high adhesive strength
– non-aging
– for book repair

Adhesive tape transparent crystal clear, PP 68 my
width 50 mm x length 20 m, in a black dispenser
Ref. 200210 EAN 4011123671103

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