writable, neon-coloured
sticky paper notes
width 60 mm x length 12 m
4 different colours
without dispenser

Sticky note roll fluorescent

Writable neon-colored sticky note rolls. NEON tapes are ideal for remembering, sharing, marking and identifying. The tapes have a high paper quality of 80 g/m² and a residue-free, removable and water-soluble adhesive distributed over the entire surface. The advantage is that you can cut exactly the amount you need from the roll with a cardboard core of Ø 1″.
Rolled onto a cardboard core Ø 1″, width 60 mm, individually shrink-wrapped.

– fluorescent
– adhesive over the entire surface
– writable
– removable again
– water soluble glue

width 60 mm x length 12 m, without dispenser
Ref. 200520 pink EAN 4011123671905
Ref. 200524 green EAN 4011123672001
Ref. 200525 yellow EAN 4011123672100
Ref. 200528 orange EAN 4011123672209

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