ECOBRA ART Tape non-permanent
double-sided, removable PET adhesive tape on gray release paper
width 15 mm x length 5 m
without dispenser

ECOBRA ART Tape non-permanent
Adhesive and handicraft tape can be removed again on both sides

Adhesive PET tape that can be removed on both sides on gray release paper for optimal contact pressure. The tape is non-ageing, acid-free and easily removable from solid material. It is used to attach a wide variety of materials, can be used in the home, office and hobby for gluing and handicrafts. High stability even on vertical surfaces.
Rolled on a plastic core Ø 1″, width 15 mm, individually shrink-wrapped.

– non-permanent
– removable
– acid-free
– double-sided adhesive
– non-aging
– high stability even on vertical surfaces

Adhesive tape, double-sided, non-permanent
width 15 mm x length 5 m, without dispenser
Ref. 200400 EAN 4011123671400

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