Display32 with
8 x Quick-Action Compasses
Series duo-Tec WORLD (3D-effekt)
black, green, orange and blue

Display with 8 x Quick-Action Compasses, Series  duo-Tec,
Wonderful Great World
with 3D effect in the box
pressure lever mechanism with automatic spindle and micro adjustment by centre wheel, with colored print, which creates a cool 3D effect in the box in combination with the colored insert paper, compass length 170 mm, working range up to Ø 380 mm, lead box, in matching transparent case,
material zinc-diecasting

Our wonderful great world with fantastic 3D effect

Display box, size: 20 x 11 x 30 cm (W x D x H)

2 x 426317 Motive World, black (Black case, compass basecolour black with colourful imprint)*
2 x 426318 Motive World, green (Green case, compass basecolour black with colourful
2 x 426319 Motive World, orange (Orange case, compass basecolour black with colourful imprint)*
2 x 426320 Motive World, blue (Blue case, compass basecolour black with colourful imprint)*

Display32 8-pcs.-set EAN 4011123669803

* (colours are subject to change without notice, updated trend colours please see price list)

Individual composition available on request.


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