Display with 8 x 8pcs.-Set
Oil based Gel Ink Pens
Set of 8 trendy colours

Display with 8 x 8pcs.-Set Oil based Gel Ink Pens
Display box, Size 12,5 x 9,5 x 21 cm (W x D x H)
Content: 8 x 8pcs.-Set Oil based Gel Ink Pens Ref. 830800

These Ecobra gel ink pens combine all advantages of roller pens and ballpoint pens. The gel ink refill, with a ball in the tip of the pen, glides smoothly over the paper for precise, clean and sharp lines. This creates a very filigree and elegant handwriting. At the same time, the robust gel ink refill also withstands strong pressure and you can also write very fast. Ideal for school, university, office, private area as well as for artists for hatching, drawing etc.

– Set with 8 trendy colors: black, purple, orange, red, pink, dark blue, green, light blue
– Initial sealing by wax plug thereby longer life
– Fast-curing, oil-based gel ink on paper, which prevents smearing, blurring, blotting or bleeding
– 1.0 mm writing thickness, approx. 600 m writing length
– Soft-touch surface and rubber grip for best writing comfort
– Plastic barrel with clip

indelible • light resistant • waterproof
Every set of 8pcs. is packed in a plastic case with single shelf.

Ref. 830820 EAN 4011123659705

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