Display with 20 pcs.
Cityline TARENT Touch-Pen 2 in 1
ball pen and touch pen in one
10 x black / 10 x silver colored

Display with 20 pcs.
Writing Instruments Series TARENT Touch Pen 2 in 1
The new generation of multifunctional writing instruments, with a Touch Pen tip of high super soft quality. Perfect navigation on the display surface of Smart Phones, Tablet PCs etc. Turn the writing instrument and you can just use the metal ball pen for a handwriting note. The Touch Pen is an ideal instrument for the modern user in the digital world. Ball pen with clip, refill D1, blue color.

A big advantage just in the cold season. No cold fingers because the normal glove can stay on your hand. (no need of expensive special gloves with touch insert)
No more dabs on the display, accurate entry of your messages

Display size: 12,5 x 9,5 x 21 cm (W x D x H)

10 x 755440 Touch Pen 2 in 1, black, length 12,5 cm
10 x 755450 Touch Pen 2 in 1 Mini, silver colored, length 9,5 cm

Ref. 755420 EAN 4011123633408

Without decoration

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