Display box
with 20 pcs. Mechanical Pencils
ea. 5 x 0,3 / 0,5 / 0,7 / 0,9 mm

Display box with 20 Fineline Mechanical Pencils
Top model: High-quality Fineline Mechanical Pencils 0,3/0,5/0,7/0,9 mm, black with coloured ring in ISO-colour code.

special features of the mechanical pencils:
– rubberized grip
– with rigid, 3 mm protector pipe and cushioned lead for 0,5 + 0,7 mm, 0,3 + 0,9 mm fix pipe, ideal for drawings
– cushioned lead for 0,3/0,5/0,7/0,9 mm, lead elastic, prevents from breaking, no plugging of pipes, anti-break mechanism
– very sturdy full-metal mechanism (3-jaw-chuck)
– all-chromium-plated metal parts incl. clip and eraser

Display size: 12,5 x 9,5 x 21 cm (W x D x H)

5 x 833005 0,3 mm
5 x 835002 0,5 mm
5 x 837003 0,7 mm
5 x 839008 0,9 mm

Ref. 832520 EAN 4011123566102

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