Big-Size Profi-Cutting Mats,
3 mm, without imprint
both sides green
3 different sizes

ECOBRA Cutting Mats extra durable professional quality – all advantages at first sight
– 5-ply “sandwich-soft”-construction
– self-healing function, ensures precise and invisible cutting traces
– very solid structure of every single layer, provides a long-lasting surface
– with hard core, surface can be cut and slashed constantly
– elastic surface, protects the sharpness of your cutter blades
– double-faced cutting mat for all kinds of cuttings, writings, also to be used as a mouse pad
– anti slip and anti reflecting surface

Please note: with appropriate use and storage no surface curvature (please pay attention that the cutting mat is always placed flat, sunless, not in the near of heat sources) 

Profi-Cutting Mats, both sides green – without any imprint – 5 layers, 3 mm thick, best suited for machine cuttings and industrial applications.

In the special formats we distinguish the professional cutting mat, which differs from the standard cutting mat due to its special material composition and is therefore suitable for machine cutting. Can also be used for shock absorption or sound insulation. Also used for printers, plotters and glass cutting devices.

Ref. 701812 size 120 x 80 cm, 5-ply EAN 4011123510907
Ref. 701150 size 150 x 100 cm, 5-ply EAN 4011123511003
Ref. 701200 size 200 x 100 cm, 5-ply EAN 4011123511102

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