18-pcs. Finger Craft Knife Set
with ergonomically shaped
rubberized plastic handle
different equipment

Finger Craft Knife
With the Ecobra finger-craft knife, creative activities have no limits. This individually applicable tool can be used like an extended index finger. Thanks to the rubberized surface and the rubberized handle, the finger craft knife is non-slip in the hand and can also be used comfortable for a long time. A 4-jaw chuck is used to hold the various tools in which both round (up to Ø 2 mm) and narrow tools (up to 0.05 x 6 mm) can be firmly clamped. For graphics, school, job and hobby.

For cutting paper, cardboard, photos, foils and much more suitable as well as for paper or cardboard model making.

The rotating 4-jaw chuck can be used to clamp a variety of different tools.

Application examples for round tools up to Ø 2 mm …
– Lead for drawing and writing
– Pointed needle for piercing contours
– Brass adaptor for 360° rotating swivel knife
… and narrow tools up to 0.05 x 6 mm:
– In the vertical slot of the chuck many different blades can be clamped, all available from Ecobra

18-pcs. Finger Craft Knife Set
Contains the finger craft knife handle made of plastic and metal in red / black with rubberized handle (L x W x D 70 x 33 x 20 mm, finger opening Ø 22 mm), 1 blade ref.no. 770970 with a sharp cut on both sides for perfect cutting out of difficult shapes, 1 blade protection and 1 protection cap (same as Ref. 770670 4-pcs.set), but with additional brass adaptor for self rotating swivel knife blade, incl. 1 blade and 1 protection cap, 2 additional swivel knife blades ref. 770955, 5 additional replacement blades ref. 770970 with a sharp cut on both sides, 1 rubbing spoon, 1 pointed needle, 1 rubbing ball pin, 1 lead, on blister card.

Ref. 770690 18-pcs. set EAN 4011123663702


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