12-pcs. Magnifier Display
with 4 different sizes

12-pcs. Magnifier Display
made of plastic, base: 27,5 x 13,7 x 3,9 cm (L x W x H)

Magnifiers series VISION
very low-priced but high-quality type of magnifier for the price-conscious user, with plastic frames and cranked handle, lenses of minearl glass, individually packed in cardboard box.

Content: lens magnification
3 x  810050 Ø 50 mm 3 x
3 x  810065 Ø 65 mm 3 x
3 x  810075 Ø 75 mm 2 x
3 x  810100 Ø 100 mm 2 x

Ref. 810000 EAN 4011123594808

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