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Laminating Pouches

By using laminating pouches your documents become long-living , waterproof, fraud resistant and break-proof. They are protected from dirt, scratches, yellowing. Due to these advantages the laminating pouches are best suited for documents,  business cards, fotos, identity cards, menus, letters, receipts, sign-boards, certificates and others. A professional solution for high-quality demand and appearance.

Material: polyester
Surface: crystal clear
Foil thickness: 2 x 80 microns
for hot laminating

Laminating Pouches

Ref. 610188 for DIN A4 formats size 216 x 303 mm (Packing unit 100 pcs.)
Ref. 610288 for DIN A5 formats size 154 x 216 mm (Packing unit 100 pcs.)
Ref. 610388 for DIN A6 formats size 111 x 154 mm (Packing unit 100 pcs.)

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