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Glass Rubber / Glass Fibre Pen

Glass Rubber / Glass Fibre Pen

Glass Rubber / Glass Fibre Pen
For correction, cleaning, polishing, grinding, roughening, deburring and derusting of different surfaces such as metal, synthetics, ceramics, stones, concrete, wood, parquets, glass e.a.
Application: stationery, creative sector, car accessory sector, electrical industry,  watch and jewelry industry,  precision mechanics, restorer, craft sector.
Incl. 1 spare glass fibre brush Ø 4 x 40 mm with round plastic tip, feed by pivoting mechanism, in plastic pouch.

Application field for the ECOBRA Glass Rubber / Glass Fibre Pen

- Rust removal on surfaces

- Removal of limescale in the sanitary sector

- Cleaning and finishing of soldered joints

- Cleaning of battery poles and contact points

- Cleaning, refreshing and finishing of tile joints

- Removal of residue on glass and ceramics

- Rough sanding surfaces prior to varnishing and painting such as for cars, windows and doors and generally

  in the house and garden

- Polishing and cleaning of jewelry surfaces such as rings, necklaces and watches

- Polishing and cleaning of coins

- Sanding old paint in small nooks and crannies e.g. windows, doors, gates, etc.

- Polishing and cleaning on hard surfaces e.g. in narrow corners and crevices of bicycle and car wheel rims

- Polishing and cleaning of optical highlights, e.g. bolted connections, decorative battens, metal caps,

  door and lock ornaments, etc.

- Deburring of small wood, metal and hard adhesive residues


All examples are based on customer`s and consumer`s feedback that have already been applied. It should be noted that in the manual application examples mentioned above, varying results can be achieved. In respect to especially  high quality and delicate surfaces, we recommend a test polishing and / or cleaning in an inconspicuous area.


Ref. 760300

Glass Rubber / Glass Fibre Pen
Application field Glass Rubber
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