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Safety-Rotary Trimmer DIN A4

Safety-Rotary Trimmer DIN A4

Safety-Rotary Trimmer DIN A4 with exchangeable blades/cartridge-system
– incl. 3 exchangeable blades: straight blade / perforating blade / wave blade (1 blade stored in the cutting head,
   the other 2 blades stored in a blade compartment on the bottom of the paper trimmer)
– safe and easy changing of the different blades by cartridge-system
– place material to be trimmed at the selected position under presser plate

– cutting mat strip with 4 cutting positions (2 each side) when blade does not cut cleanly, you should either rotate or flip the mat

   over to new cutting surface
– new patented design, very safe system, no blessings

safety-cutting head: blades protected by a cartridge system. Not possible to touch the blades

dimensions: 381 x 203 x 90 mm
cutting length: 305 mm
weight: 0.70 kg


cutting height:
straigt blade : max. 0.8 mm = 8 sheets of paper (80 g)
perforating blade: max. 0.3 mm = 3 sheets of paper (80 g)
wave blade: max. 0.6 mm = 6 sheets of paper (80 g)

Ref. 770050

Replacement cartridge blades
Ref. 770961 straight blade
Ref. 770963 wave blade
Ref. 770962 perforating blade

Replacement parts
Ref. 770964
cutting-mat strip


picture 1: replacement blades. Exchangeable blades (straight blade / perforating blade / wave blade)

picture 2: safety-cutting head

Safety-Rotary Trimmer DIN A4 Safety-Rotary Trimmer DIN A4
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