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Desk Organizer “KETO”

Desk Organizer “KETO”

Desk Organizer Keto

180 x 98 x 107 mm, with 6 compartments, smart helper, with swiveling cable box for wire cables of your mobile phones, MP3 player or other electronic devices. Simply lead the cords to the wall socket or computer for charging. You can store your mobile phone, small tablet or other devices in the front compartment. Additional round trays for office utensils such as erasers, paper clips, staplers, page markers. Rear compartment for writing instruments, scissors, cutters et al. For office or private use. Color black, without contents.


Always online, simply plug in your mobile phone, without a tangle of cables on your desk.



Without content and without charging cable



Ref. 828005 black


Desk Organizer “KETO”
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