Conference Portfolio DIN A4Ü
Series EMPOR, artificial leather
for right and left hand use,
size 362 x 267 x 30 mm

Series EMPOR 
timeless design – top quality

Conference Portfolio,
size DIN A4 (oversize), outside material black artificial leather, 8-digit-solar-calculator, small zipper pocket as well a small compartments for business cards etc. on cover inside, big pocket on the left side for transportation of documents in transparent pockets or file fasteners etc., by double-sided insertion of the note pad and turn-over of the calculator this portfolio is best suited for right and left hand use, 3 trays for writing instruments, note pad DIN A4,  all around zipper, single carton packaging.
Size 362 x 267 x 30 mm

Ref. 611071 DIN A4Ü EAN 4011123634603

Without decoration

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