Our partner company Rumold

Rumold GmbH & Co KG in Stuttgart stands above all for precision. You will understand why in a moment. One of Rumold’s main lines of business is rulers. Rulers in any form. Whether you need angles, geometry or cutting rulers. Whether they are made of plastic, Plexiglas, wood, aluminum or steel – you will find them at Rumold. And Rumold precision is thus literally measurable.

Of course, Rumold also applies the same quality standard to its other products. With Swabian meticulousness, Rumold reliably supplies its partners from the specialized trade with its products. Rumold sells exclusively to dealers. If you are interested in the Rumold product range, please visit the website of our partner www.rumold.de. Rumold stands for Made in Germany.

A visit to the Rumold partner site shows the full range with image support.

The Rumold range


Angles, geometry triangles, technical drawing triangles

Rods, rulers, rails

Triangular scales, cutting rulers Drawing rails as well as corded flexible drawing rails, system RUMOLD-Techno

Professional presentation

Drawing rolls, drawing cases, drawing bags, presentation folders, ring binders

Folders, bags, boxes, suitcases

Transport folders, transport bags, mesh-bags, plastic boxes and cases


Rulers made of plastic, plexiglass, wood, aluminum and steel

Desk accessories

Always up to date with modern, contemporary shapes and the appropriate materials is the RUMOLD desk accessories program.


RUMO-due is an aggressively priced program that will give you the additional opportunity to succeed in the increasingly difficult market through other sales channels.

Protractors, drawing sets, geometry and drawing triangles, unit parabolas, Burmester curves, rulers and scales, triangular scales, drawing templates, aluminum rulers and aluminum cutting rulers, drawing rails, drawing pockets, ring binders and viewing pockets, table flip charts, carrying cases and drawing cases.